Pool Nation VR – Simple Trick-shots – and the crowd goes wild!

Join me as we attempt some trick-shots in Pool Nation VR. It was fun but it isn’t a complete pool experience. Trying to put spin on the que ball seems impossible

Only The Good (Pirates) Die Young – ‘V ARRR’ Pt 01 – Full Game Easy Mode – HTC Vive

Join me and my crew (if I had one) and take down the biggest and the baddest ships (and pirates) in the seven seas!

Bad-ass Snowmen Kick My Ass! Snow Fortress VR – HTC Vive – Pt01

Watch as I totally get my ass kicked by some seriously bad-ass snowmen in Snow Fortress by Mythical City Games!

I’m Sorry for Killing Us All! – PlanetFate – HTC Vive – Let’s Play and Review

Use the floor Luke! It’s helps, really.

Here we are playing Planet Fate. With a special appearance from my son.

Van Gogh does VR in The Night Cafe by Borrowed Light Studios

Watch me go inside The Night Cafe by Vincent Van Gogh, courtesy of Borrowed Light Studios. It needs a little more polish but still an amazing experience, especially for the price.

Brookhaven Experiment scares the crap out of my daughter!

My daughter tries to play The Brookhaven Experiment and lasts less that two minutes.

Directionless is a good description of this VR experience

Here I try out ‘Directionless’ a VR horror game/experience. Yes, this game just might make you sick.

Pool Nation VR – I tear the place up and play some pool with a guy from France!

Watch me play with myself… errr… and shoot some pool with an AI and a guy from France who doesn’t know how to play, so I win! Ha Ha! Just kidding… though I do win.